CERN: Too Many Family Members

A repeating pattern in the Christmas season: At the end of the year a result is loudly announced, pyhsicists are on the verge of discovering something exceptional if not revolutional…. now it’s the „Fat cousin of the Higgs boson“ , a potentially „supersymmettric“ partner of the Higgs bosons. And again it’s some arbitrary signal to which scientists like to dedicate their fairy tale stories – as they managed to do in 2013 with the so-called Higgs discovery. I ask myself how long the public is willing to sustain this unshamed boasting and waste of funding. And I am curious how many arbitrary signals will come out of the CERN data wash that will be declared as “extensions of the standard model” – cousins, uncles, grand aunts and good sisters of the Higgs boson?
Not exactly what I consider a pleasure at Christmas…

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